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Cannot access to APM tab



I installed APM - Nodejs follow the docs. But I cannot access to APM tab (, it reload forever.
My app is deployed on AWS and set environment variable: NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY
I also copy and modify ‘newrelic.js’ file to root folder of my project (only keep app_name)

Can someone help me?

Note: I tried to look at AWS log but cannot to access because I deployed 1 month ago, no log can displays


Hey @dungla4 - I looked at the link you shared, and while it loads for me, there doesn’t appear to be any apps reporting there.

Can you confirm you have the correct license key? And it may help to restart the instances these apps are running in.


Thank you very much, @RyanVeitch. I double check and confirm the license key is correct.
I cannot restart app instance at the moment. Follow plan, I can restart after 1 week then will see any logs. After that I will give you information here


Great! Looking forward to hearing back from you @dungla4


@RyanVeitch I’ve just restart the instance. Server runs as normal and no error. When I access the link I provided, web site still refresh forever


Hey @dungla4 - can you confirm whether or not you have seen any errors in your agent logs?


Thank you very much for your support @RyanVeitch. Other guy handles this issue and seem that it 's fixed. Now everything is ok


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. @dungla4