Cannot Add Heroku Drain to NR via UI

I’m getting a very opaque error message when setting up heroku log drains.

I’m following this documentation: Stream logs from Heroku | New Relic Documentation

I get an error “There was an error retrieving your existing registered tokens” with an http 403 under the covers from:
with message:
{“code”:403,“message”:“User not authorized.”}

I don’t know what i don’t have access to since my user is an admin on Heroku and my user added the newrelic addon so i would think i should have the necessary permissions.

Can someone assist?

Appears to the the same issue as

Hello @brock6 ,

You will need to register your Heroku Drain token with our Platform. This documentation will show you how to create a drain token and configure it with our syslog endpoint: Stream logs from Heroku

Some useful troubleshooting commands are:

heroku run env | grep NEW_RELIC
heroku ps:exec -a $APPNAME
heroku logs -t | tee newrelic.log

Here are some screenshots on where to add the token in the New Relic UI.

I hope this helps.

Hi there,

Thanks for the follow up but it doesn’t seem like you really read my question. Sorry, i was unclear where int he process it’s failing. I am following those directions (per the second line in the original post). When i click on the link just like in the screenshot that you posted then I get the error message that described above.

If I’m missing something specific in your response, please highlight it since I think I have already followed the documentation verbatim.

Hello @brock6 ,

You may need to sanity check the tokens.

heroku drains --json

Double check our syslog endpoint shows up correctly.

You could try removing the existing token and creating a new token to help troubleshoot the problem. To remove a token:
heroku drains:remove syslog+tls:// -a myapp

Double check Salesforce user credentials to verify everything is fine. I will be advising our internal teams to check if this is in any way related to New Relic permissions.

Hello @brock6 -

@cconde asked me to also check into your accounts persmissions in Heroku to see if this might be why you are running into trouble. As it turns out, your are a Full User on your Accounts, not a Full Admin. Only Full Admins can do what you are attempting to do.

Heroku Add-on accounts are Owned and managed by Heroku directly which means user permissions are limited out of the box.

If there is a current Full Admin on your account, they can promote your user to Full Admin. If there is not a current Admin who can do this, please reach out to Heroku support at A Heroku support agent will be able to assist further.

Let us know once you get upgraded if you are still experiencing issues.

hi there!

Yes, i have checked the drain and i see two in the relevant app which includes the one for newrelic. I have already deleted and recreated once with no change in behavior.

is there a particular reason that you think this is not the same issue that i linked above which occurred last march and most recently as early as 15 days ago? the symptoms appear exactly the same, imo.

Okay, I’ll reach out to heroku support as I am a full admin on Heroku and I provisioned the newrelic account so, imo, i should probably have these permissions.