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Cannot change the Time Zone when setting up a maintenance window


I’m trying to create an outage window in teh Monitor section of New Relic site, but I am unable to change the Time Zone.
Default is America/Los Angeles (UTC -07:00)
I select anythign else from the list, and it does not work, it just stays at the default value.


Second time attempting to reply to this post, but I have tried to change the Time Zone in IE, Chrome and Firefox with same issue.


Hey - That sounds like a bug. Let me try to replicate this and I’ll follow up with you after that.


Still a problem.
Also, I created an outage windows (after converting timezones) but forgot to add the Monitors.
Went back in and added the Monitors, but it would not Save.
I had to delete and recreate.


Hey - sorry for the lack of update here, this is a bug that is marked to be fixed, but I don’t yet have a date or further information I can share. I’ll add your additional comment (where the downtime wouldn’t save) to the internal report we have.