Cannot check subscription / traces not working in free trial


We recently signed up for a trial to see how the platform works in order to see how it compares to our current platform we use and recommend to our clients.

However visiting the products page keeps redirecting between EU and US and as such we can’t check our subscription level.

Only reporting this because in order to enable transaction traces it says we need a pro account but pretty sure the free trial should cover everything from the pro package but it says we need a pro account.

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Hi @2buy1click - Are you referring to this account?

Hello @RyanVeitch ,

This URL causes the redirect:

So yes, that account.

I see! Thanks for that @2buy1click - I see that there is no subscription on that account, no trial nor paid subscription.

I suggest reaching out to

The sales team here manage account trials - so they can help get you set up with a trial that meets your needs.