Cannot create a Personal API Key


I am writing to you in regards to account 2828135.

I am currently unable to create a Personal API Key. According to the documentation here, I can use NerdGraph to create a personal API key:

According to the same page, I can do this through GraphiQL (found here -

But if I navigate to GraphiQL, I need a GraphiQL API Key (!), which it doesn’t allow me to create, as the Create API key button is greyed out (check attached screenshot), and trying without an API key will throw the error you see in the screenshot.

What can I do? I am not really sure how else to create a personal API key. Could you please help me with this?

Best regards,

George Grigore

Hi George, It looks like you are following the steps based on the docs. I’m going to reach out to our account management team to get their assistance. You should receive an email from them soon.

Hi Joi, thank you very much, I’ll wait.

Hi @apps23!

The solution might be found here: Cannot create Personal API Keys via NerdGraph API explorer
If you are an EU customer, you need to go to instead of