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Cannot create a read only user or use permalinks with accounts integrated through azure




We have several accounts with you which are integrated with azure and as it we can’t add users to the account without adding them to the azure portal (which we don’t want to do for security reasons) i tried using the permalinks to give users read only access to the dashboards.

However this doesn’t work as when someone i have passed the link to tries to navigate to it they get unauthorised because they aren’t already logged into the new relic.

Would it be possible to get this to work with azure integrated accounts as it is no use to us if we cannot either allow read only users to be created on the new relic account or use the permalinks to allow them read only access.



Hi @jon.swain! I would be happy to help you figure this out. (✿◠‿◠)

It is possible to set up read-only access for users on a New Relic account by setting them as a “Restricted User” under Account Settings. However, Azure partnership accounts manage user settings through the portal, so the New Relic User settings redirect back to the portal when an account admin tries to access it.

While you cannot see the user management side of New Relic, we can as New Relic admins. What we could try together would be to have you add a new user with standard permissions from the Azure portal, then have a New Relic admin flip that users permissions to “Restricted User”. What we are unsure of right now is whether or not this will disallow the user from accessing via the Azure portal after this.

If you would like to try this with me, would you mind replying with a link to the account you are adding a test user to? As you have already discovered, account links and permalinks are not accessible to anyone who is not a New Relic admin, or a user already on the account.

Let me know if you have any questions! ▰ ^ ◡ ^▰)~☆



Would it be possible to try this test on

Currently all our azure subscription admins are user of this account, however i don’t know how you you will see that on your end.

I can add a test user if you require so we can try this, but i don’t that will be ideal in the future as we would much prefer being able to handle the user management ourselves from the new relic account settings.



Hi Jon,

If you would like, we would be happy to test this on account 1396648. Go ahead and create a test user and let us know so we can change them to a restricted user.

I do hear you saying that this is not an ideal solution. I can really understand that it would be preferable to be able to manage your users internally. If you would prefer not to test the workaround we can focus instead on submitting a feature request.

Let me know how you would like to move forward!