Cannot find user timezone setting in NewRelic One account

Hi all,
I registered an account few days ago (so it’s a new account with the new NewRelic business model).
I cannot change the timezone. As described here I go to User preferences but I do not find any timezone setting. Only a name and email fields (disabled).

How can I set my timezone and see time in my timezone in NewRelic graphs using this account?

Hello New Relic,

I have the same issue!

Can you help us, please?

@mmenozzi and @ammello Thanks for reaching out about your timezone issues. I’m going to reach out to both of you via DM to address your accounts individually. :slight_smile:

Hi. Me too. please help me fix it

@support.366 I DM you to get some further information. Thanks!

I have the same problem. I can not edit anything under User preferences.

Hi I have same problem, only Full name and Email available in User preferences, but both of them can not be modified. Can you help me too? my Email is:

@jonas2 and @tin.nguyen21 I’ll DM you both to get further information :slight_smile:

Can you message me as well? I have the same issue and it’s driving me nuts!

Thank you,

Hello @JoiConverse ,
I am having this same issue I can only see the username in the account dropdown. Can you help please?

Hi @ajtatum17 and @itsupport29, I have DM you both to get some further information :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, an update on this… The timezone setting in New Relic One was changed during recent upgrades. Our engineering and product teams are aware of the frustration this has caused and are working on a solution. Add your vote to this feature idea and follow the post so that you can receive additional updates: Feature Idea: Cannot set timezone on my account