Cannot remove original license key

I tried to remove the apm app but I could not because it did not let me delete the app, it kept saying that my app was still reporting data. I had no idea where the data were sent to my app(even though there were no data in the monitor at all). I read the old topic they said there were 2 ways 1 was to change the license key and I did that And yes I encounter the same problem with him that I cannot remove my original license key. They tell me to contact support, please help.

Hi @petchportgas

Thanks for reaching out! I hope you are well and congrats on your first post!

Please note that if we remove the app everything related to the account will be lost, but that I can create a case for to have this done. Alternatively, I would advise you to locate where the app is reporting from and change license key in config file.

Please let me know should you wish to pursue the the case creation option.

I tried to delete the app via ‘setting>application’ again and it worked! (maybe there was a delay before I could delete it since the last time data were sent) so I don’t have to remove the key now. Thanks for the help btw.

Hi @petchportgas

Thats great to hear! Whoop!

So glad it worked, and thanks for letting us know.

Hope you have a great day!