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Cannot see custom transaction



Node Agent Question Template

  • Please provide a permalink so our experts can see into the exact time and place as you:

  • What language agent version are you using? Any other relevant versions? (Node modules, etc.?)

    • newrelic node.js agent version 4.9.0
  • Describe what are you seeing? Describe how that differs from you were expecting to see?

    • Using the newrelic node.js agent we tried to add custom instrumentation following this guide.
      We used newrelic.startWebTransaction() and newrelic.startSegment() as suggested, but we still cannot see the new transaction or any of the custom instrumentation that we added in the dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi @iddanha, would it possible for you to copy in the code block with the custom instrumentation so we can take a look? If you are not comfortable posting here on the forum i’d be happy to take this to a private ticket for you :slight_smile:


Hey @rdouglas,
Lets take this to a private ticket.


Great thanks I have received your ticket and will work with you there :slight_smile: