Cannot see new OpenTelemetry services when OTLP Exporter is used

We have recently started migrating from the “newrelic otlp exporter” to the new native “otlp exporter” that ships with the aws-otel-collector for sending data to New Relic. For existing services in the “Services - OpenTelemetry” section, we can see that new data keeps arriving as expected.

However, new services that should appear in the “Services - OpenTelemetry” section, do not appear, only those that were created using the old “newrelic” OpenTelemetry exporter appear there (we have tried version 0.13 and 0.14 of the aws-otel-collector). No errors appear in the aws-otel-collector container logs.

We have verified this several times and definitely we are able to send data to existing otel services using the otlp exporter but new services are not created even though the exporter configuration is identical, which is:

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@eduardo.narros Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Recently there has been docs published on troubleshooting OpenTelemetry issue. This particular section may be of help to you: OpenTelemetry entities or relationships are missing

If this does not resolve your issue please let us know so we can get you further assistance. Thanks!

Hello @eduardo.narros!

I know you posted this question quite a while ago, but I wanted to check in and see if you are still encountering this issue? In the event you are still having this problem or are interested in pursuing this topic, there is some information that would be helpful for us to dig further.

  • Do you see any errors, either in your application logs or in New Relic, such as NrIntegrationError events, which you can query with the below:
SELECT * from NrIntegrationError
  • Can you tell me more about your instrumentation and configuration for the new services? I’m not very familiar with the aws-otel-collector.

Reese Lee

Thanks for the information provided. The issue was resolved by changing the collector’s frequency when sending metrics to NR. We had configured the collector to send metrics every 60s and when we changed the configuration to send data every 5s, we started to see the resources in NR Open Telemetry page.

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