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Cannot see Postgres with .NET Core 2.1 and Entity Framework



.NET Agent Question Template

.NET Agent version: 8.9.130

  • Are you using .NET framework or .NET Core?

.NET Core 2.1

  • Please let us know which operating system you have questions about:

Linux. Using the microsoft/dotnet:2.1-sdk docker image.


  • Describe what you are seeing:

Inside APM the Databases section doesn’t exist. I can see this for another .NET Core project running 2.0 and an older version of Npgsql.

  • How does that differ from what you are expecting to see?

I expect to see the Postgres database in New Relic.

Our debugging so far leads me to believe that Npgsql 4.x.x is not supported by the New Relic .NET agent. Unfortunately this version is required to use Postgres + .NET Core 2.1.

Is anyone else able to see their Postgres database in APM with Core 2.1?


Hi @brenton.cleeland,

Can you verify the version of Npgsql used with the application that is seeing datastore transactions? Our compatibility page lists Npgsql version 3.2.4 specifically, so I suspect you’re correct about the version support. If that’s the case, this would need to be posted as a Feature Idea for the agent.


We are working on adding support for Npgsql 4.x. So would be helpful if you can elaborate on what methods(ExecuteReader, ExecuteScalar etc) you are using so we can validate on .net core 2.1+