Cannot view issues

I have an account through the company I work for. From January to October I could view New Relic alerts assigned to me. For the past few weeks, every attempt to view NR alerts blocks me with “The entity you’re looking for either doesn’t exist or isn’t associated with your account. If this is a surprise, check with your admin.”

I have checked with my admin. He sees no problem with my account setup. Neither of us can figure out why I’m blocked.

Hi @driblet

Congrats on your first post in the community.

I note that there are several accounts associated to your email for example account id 3406514 and account id 114633. Im wondering if you are logging or being logged into the wrong account and checking.

It seems like the issue is related to known issue, thats caused by having the same email assigned to more than one account. I believe that the cache can cause a loop when you attempt to logon into an account. The login is likely logging you into the same account over and over.

Please see the below resources that can help you resolve the issue;

  1. Relic Solution: So you’ve created a new account and can’t seem to access your old account.
  2. Multiple Accounts Found. Verify your email to view all of your accounts. I recommend this resource as its speaks to New Relics V2 accounts, which are the same account types link to your email.

Should the issue persist please share a permalink to the account you are logged into, note only New Relics will have access to this link. Additionally please provide the account id of the affected account.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.