Can't add credit card


On my NewRelic page, a message bellow shows.

“You’re over the monthly free allowance of 100 GB.
Please add your credit card. You’re only charged if you go over your free allowance each month. Add credit card”

When I select “Add credit card” link, “Plan management” page shows a message below.

“You don’t have admin privileges or this account isn’t authorized to manage billing. To make changes to your account, contact your administrator or New Relic representative.”

“Manage your plan” page also show the same message above.

I am the owner of the account so I have admin privileges.
And I had read an article “New Relic Lite Accounts Upgraded to Free Plan” (New Relic Lite Accounts Upgraded to Free Plan), so I understand the free tier plan and the billing for the usage beyond the free limits.

How can I add credit card?

Hi @dai, I have reached out to our billing team to assist with this. They will follow up shortly by email.

i have same problem.

@payamrahnama Welcome to the Community :wave:. I am going to reach out to our Billing team to look into this for you. Keep a lookout for an email from them in your inbox!

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I have the same bizarre problem! Please can the billing team contact me also. Thanks

Thanks for letting us know @wendy2 - Be on the lookout for an email from our team.