Can't change time zone

I am unable to change my time zone. I went to accounts/user preferences but there is not an option to change the time zone. I am a new user to New Relic One so I suspect the account has limited functionality. The account I use with my other company has the option available (and I updated it). Is there some way around this limitation? I don’t like seeing the time zone in GMT/UTC. I have to keep subtracting hours to understand what I am seeing. Computers should do that for me. You already have the feature programmed. Why not let me use it?


Hi @tim10 - welcome to the community and thanks for posting. You are correct - this is functionality that is not available currently in our new accounts. We definitely see the need, and have created a feature idea so that we can share this with our product teams. You can vote to show your support for this feature and add any user case details. Our teams really appreciate the feedback from customers:

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An update here - now users of all types should be able to update their time zone in the account preferences screen. We just released this update last week. You should see an option for updating your time zone in your account preferences (per this doc:

The one exception is for customers using AUM or SCIM - your preferences are set with your identity provider.