Can't connect Heroku Logs to New Relic

I’m trying to connect our Heroku account with New Relic to start using Logs.
I was able to generate the drain token heroku drains:add syslog+tls:// -a <app_name> list it, but when I’m trying to add it to New Relic, I’m getting an error: “There was an error while registering your Heroku drain token” - and there is nothing I can do. We tried to remove the drains, re-do it as admin on both sides, didn’t help. Please advise.

Hey there @tamas5,

I hope you are well, welcome to the community!

I see you are having trouble getting your Heroku drain token added to New Relic to get your log forwarding integrated. Generally this is a permission issue but from our end it looks as if you are a full platform user in the admin group so you should be able to utilize this function. I do have another community topic here with a lot of useful information regarding the same issue another customer experienced: Cannot Add Heroku Drain to NR via UI.

There are some troubleshooting steps from our very own Relics and the customer also posted a fix that worked for them that may prove useful for you. I am also going to include our doc on steps for setting up the logging for you to just use as a guide to verify you have everything configured correctly: Stream logs from Heroku | New Relic Documentation.

I am hoping we can get you up and running with this, if not please let me know and I will continue to help. I hope you have a great day!


thank you for getting back to us. We meticulously followed the provided documentation (the links you shared above), and we were still unable to connect the Heroku drain collector with New Relic. We exhausted all our options on our side, tried everything multiple times. It seems to be the issue can only be solved on your end.

Hey there @tamas5,

Thank you for reaching back out and letting us know what you have attempted so far. I am engaging one of our support engineers to look over this further and get you a solution. They will reach out here shortly either with an answer or to ask for more information. We appreciate your patience as we continue to provide support.

Hi @tamas5. Have you attempted adding a drain token since you last wrote in? There was an issue in the UI during that period that has since been fixed. If possible could you please try again and post here (with a screenshot) if you are getting the same error. Thanks!

Thank you! We are going to try to set it up again today, and will get back to you about the results asap. Appreciate your support.

@troycox, today we repeated the exact same steps as before, and we were able to successfully connect the Heroku drain connector to NR logs without any issues. It seems to be the UI issue on your end has been fixed indeed. Thank you for your support!

Thank you @tamas5 for letting us know this has been resolved for you.

Please reach out if you need anything else, we will be happy to help!