Can't connect Slack to alerts (stuck after authorization)


Hope everyone is fine i just need some help as i can’t set any channel on my alerts but after i authorize our Slack, there’s no option to configure a channel,

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Hi @jorge16 ,

Welcome to the community! I see that there is no option to configure a channel after authorizing your Slack. I wanted to provide you with the following articles to see if that might resolve the issue. Let me know if that works and, if not, we will take a deeper look into it and try to get you the information that you need.

Manage alert notification channels

Notification channels: Control where to send alerts

I’m also having this issue, and it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot, since all of the docs and articles refer to configuring a webhook, but I get the impression that that is the old way of doing things.

The steps I took:
1 - Added a slack destination, and successfully authenticated it.
2 - Edited an alert that needed a notification channel.
3 - Add Notification Channel - I then see a dialog box with “folders”, one being “Slack”, but expanding it shows nothing in there.

I kind of expect that I would see my slack workspace listed there? I didn’t think there was any more configuration that I COULD do, but perhaps I missed something?

Hi there @andy39 -

Apologies for the slower response here. I had to catch up on this change myself! This is a new feature - Destinations - just rolled out. We do have documentation here:

Based on what you are seeing, I’m thinking that your Slack workspace does not have the New Relic application installed:

Can you check that and confirm for me?

I do have the slack app installed, and I do have it added to the channel I want to use. I ended up solving this by creating a web hook integration for the channel in a different spot. THEN it showed up in the “Slack” folder in the modal view.

So it required the web hook and the destination integration. Hmmm.

I am glad that you got it working, and thank you so much for sharing how you did it. I’ll take this to the product team as feedback. It sounds like it’s challenging to implement.

I got the distinct impression that it was a bit caught between an old and a new way of doing things!

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your instincts are spot on!

That seems like a step backward. Why not just have the destination point to the Slack webhook like with channels if you have to have both anyway?

Hi @ntkach,

I hope you are having a great day.

Thank you for your insight, I will be sure to add your feedback with Hollys for the product team.

Should you require support on this topic please do let us know, we are always happy to help.