Cant connect to Git Student, Nerdlet Error

404 - Nerdlet “students-edition.undefined” not found

From I try to connect with my github edu account (as stated on But after the Authorize with Github link ( it gives a 404 error.

How can i add my git edu status?

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Hi @lars9

Welcome to the community, I hope you are well.

This issue is a little tricky, we see you! We are working on this and we will post updates as soon as we have some insight here. I have looped in some other team, so we can work this out for you.

404 errors can sometimes be sporadic, what i might suggest is using a incognito browser and try logging in and begin the process again.

Please let me know of any updates or further questions you have.


Thanks, Incognito doesn’t work either. The link from the button seems to generate an /undefined/ . Which gives in all browser an error. Tested in in Chrome, Safari, Edge on phone and computer.
Also tried to reproduce it with another account; same issue.

Seems to be either region related or something with creating the github Auth proccess

Hi @lars9

Hum this seems like a tricky one.

Thank you for confirming that you tried the above steps. Once the team have an update, I will reach out here.

Please do feel free to provide any new updates or reach out with any additional questions you may have.