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Can't Delete APM Application?



I’m just trying to delete an application from our list of them in APM. I remember in the past just clicking the little gear icon to delete an app, and the documentation I just checked said that as well (unless it’s out of date). But when I try to now the option to delete the app is missing.

I confirmed that my user account is set to being an admin. Am I missing something here or was the delete option moved?


I recall that you can only delete apps from the UI once they stop reporting and the status indicator has changed grey.

If you want to remove an active application I think you would need to at least disable the APM first, wait til the status changes grey and then remove from the UI.


Ah that would make sense. I feel like I remember being able to straight up delete “green” ones back in the day but yes this seems to be correct. Thanks @stefan_garnham!


Thanks for working that out together you two! Let us know if anything else crops up @BigNStrauss


I’m not seeing grey indicator and cannot delete app even though I stopped traffic going to it and it is not showing traffic. This may have to do with my changing the name of the app and not disabling it completely (i.e. I started routing traffic to a newly named app).

Is there any way to see if there are stray sources feeding data to that app with deprecated name and otherwise get it out of APM view?


@zeke2 Have you tried uninstalling the APM agent from the machine then reinstalling it?

Assuming I’m correct, this will ensure that all of your apps on that machine will stop getting data. Wait like 30 minutes then reinstall the APM agent. That should then re-pick up the apps you want while killing any existing traffic to the old one(s) you’re trying to remove.