Can't get API keys with Heroku New Relic add-on

We use NewRelic as a Heroku addon(plan: Hawke)

I am trying to get a REST API KEY per:
From the account dropdown in the New Relic UI, select Account settings > Integrations > API keys .

But when I click the “API keys” manu item, I got below error even though I am admin of the Heroku app with the NewRelic addon. .
“You do not have sufficient permissions to perform that action.”

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Hey - That is expected, but we can fix it.

Essentially, the deep integration between New Relic and Heroku requires that the NR Account Owner be a email domain.

That’s a user that nobody can log in as. All following users in the accounts come in as User, rather than Admin.

It sounds like you need Admin level permissions. Our Accounts experts can certainly help with that, so I’ll get a ticket opened for you :smiley: Watch out for that in your inbox.

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Looks like @adevlin is helping you out in that ticket - I see you left a comment in the ticket yesterday evening, however that was after Aine’s work hours, She’ll be back online this morning to help you out :slight_smile:

I am having the same issues with our heroku account addon. Please advise.

Hi @jake3

I’ll help get you in touch with my colleagues who can help out with this.

I’m having a similar problem. Except, I signed up via Heroku, but when certain features weren’t accessible, following instructions from your sales rep, I cancelled that account (in the Heroku dashboard) and signed up for a new account (likely under the same email as the first).

However, whenever I try to access the account settings menu, it says “You can’t access this account while logged in through Heroku Add-Ons”. I even tried logging out, clearing my browser history, and logging in again (NOT via Heroku) and, while I indeed can login, I still cannot access the account settings menu.

Interesting! Let me help get you in touch with some folks who can help :smiley:

I’m having the same issue trying to create an API key for a Heroku created newrelic account

@marcroberts I’ve looped in our account team on your Heroku request also.

hello, I am having the same issues with our heroku account addon. Could you please help me to get admin access on mu user?

@spasternak You should be receiving a communication from our account team shortly to work this out for you!