Can't increase data retention

Hello, I’m currently on the annual plan. However, our current data retention is about a week, which makes the New Relic not usable for us. I’m not able to change our data retention(I’m the owner) We have contacted our account manager but didn’t get any update so far. Can someone help us here?

Hi @pingyang :wave: - welcome to our Explorers Hub! Allow me to open a ticket on your behalf. One of our support agents will be in touch via email soon to assist you. Thanks! :smiley:

Hi Ghoran,

Thank you so much for helping us here. When should we expect to receive an email from agents?

Hi @pingyang, one of our agents have already been in touch via email. They have redirected your request to our Accounts Team. At this time, I am unable to say exactly when they will reach out to you directly. Please keep an eye on your email.