Cant query custom metric

While trying to build a query using the common format I’ve found all over the docs and these forums, I was unable to display any data. Here is an example of the original query:

SELECT count(*) AS Total FROM Metric WHERE (metricName = 'integrations:IntegrationCustomFormTrait:getFormSettingsForForm') TIMESERIES SINCE 48 HOURS AGO

I came across a query with a different format that also doesn’t allow for wildcard use, but it returns data:

SELECT count(*) as Total FROM `integrations:IntegrationCustomFormTrait:getFormSettingsForForm` TIMESERIES SINCE 48 HOURS AGO

count(newrelic.timeslice.value) AS Total also doesn’t work.

I need to figure out the first format so I can use wildcards like metricName like 'integrations:%