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Can't submit support ticket


When I search the docs it says that I should be able to submit a support ticket at, but it says that if our plan includes support, I can submit a ticket, but there is no option to do that. I can, however, see my old support tickets. When I select my account from the dropdown menu and it only gives me the option to post in Explorers.

I have one (1) question that I would like help with: why do I as an admin user of a pro account, need to publicly ask help for a problem where I used to be able to just submit a ticket?


Hey @toon.spin -

@hross wrote a post about changes that were made recently.

Find that post here: Support Changes for Silver Customers

I’m happy to help answer any questions you have on those changes.


Hi Ryan,

That answers my question, thanks for pointing me to the post.

I would like to point out that where I work, as far as we were able to tell yesterday, we have not been contacted about this. We are a partner and my coworker reached out to our account manager as I was posting the above yesterday, so we’ll be sure to talk this over with them and smooth out any misunderstandings.

If you will indulge me with another answer though, was the forum post the only way your customers were notified about this? In other words, is this change something I was expected to notice in the Explorer’s Hub, or has there been other communication about this change, perhaps in a dedicated email?

I’ll make a separate post on the technical issue later because it is quite serious and mixing it with this post would just add noise.

Thanks again,

Toon Spin


Hey @toon.spin -

I appreciate your understanding on this.

The forum post is one of a few communication methods we utilised for this change. We sent an email message to admins of affected accounts, and we have in-product messaging in a pop up window detailing the support change. I believe these have so far been delivered to ~20,000 users, and that number rises as more users log in to see the in app messaging.
So we have certainly tried to spread that message far and wide. I’m sorry you don’t seem to have received that until now.
We may need to re-review the target audience.

Thanks for posting your technical question separately, we can make sure that gets seen to :slight_smile: And if there’s any semi-private info you need to share in that question, we can always get a ticket opened up :smiley:


Hi @RyanVeitch,

I am an admin for a few Pro accounts but not of the Partner account. I don’t remember getting an email but it’s entirely possible it was overlooked in the daily barrage. :slight_smile: If it turns out that admins of “child” accounts were not sent such an email, then that would be a suggestion I would make in terms of re-reviewing audiences.

All in all I think that you’ve done your best in spreading awareness on the policy change.

Thanks for detailing the communication channels of this policy change in that reply, I felt might have been good to have that on record now that we were discussing that in this forum.

I’ll mark this one as solved now.

Thanks again,

Toon Spin


Thanks @toon.spin :smiley: