Can't subscribe or change offer

I have contacted the support, and no answer has been found, they redirect me here, I hope someone can unblock the sitution :slight_smile:

I have an account on cloudways hosting, and there is partnership with newrelic.
I had one month free with full features, everything worked well.
Now, some features are disabled and to upgrade or change I have this:

That’s why I have contacted the support from the form. After few months (really) I have an answer and, to resume, I’m stuck.

Maybe I am on an old buisness model, so the support asked me to click the cancel all subscriptions, but I got an error:

As I need only one user and the usage of newrelic is linked to a non commercial app, the support said I could use the free plan and get all features (for just one user and limited quota of data)

But I can’t change to this offer.

I guess there is something special with cloudways partenership (as new relic is installed and configured by default on the server, I didn’t do anything for it)

Maybe I can create a new account, but I’m not sure everything will work as expected with current installation on the server.

Is there someone who can help me? :slight_smile:


Hi @telesphore.essique, I have reached out to our support team to assist you with this issue. They will follow up shortly by email.