Can't tag a dashboard using new relic terraform provider

I have defined a dashboard using newrelic_dashboard. It has already been applied and exists in NR One. I then defined newrelic_entity and newrelic_entity_tags resources for this dashboard. I have the “name” for the newrelic_entity set to the title for the dashboard, since dashboards don’t have a name attribute. I set the domain to APM and the type to DASHBOARD, but the terraform provider returns the following error (where XXXX is my dashboard’s title).

Error: the name ‘XXXX’ does not match any New Relic One entity for the given search parameters

I wasn’t sure if the domain was supposed to be APM, so I tried every other possible option for that attribute, and they all give me the same error. It must be possible to set up a newrelic_entity (and associated tags) for a dashboard because DASHBOARD is one of the options for type on newrelic_entity. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, thank you for raising the issue. I think the Domain needs to be “VIZ”. I found that by using the “graphiql” query interface here:

Then I issued the following query for a dashboard that I first verified exists.

  actor {
    entitySearch(queryBuilder: {name: "Issue 752"}) {
      results {
        entities {

You can play around with the fields there to get back different information. I suspect tat using VIZ should resolve the issue, but let me know how to goes.


Looks like that isn’t supported by the NR terraform provider. : (

Error: expected domain to be one of [APM BROWSER INFRA MOBILE SYNTH], got VIZ

It turns out that you can create the newrelic_entity with no domain specified, just the type = DASHBOARD and the proper title, and that works. For example:

data “newrelic_entity” “rapi-redge-general-dashboard” {
name = newrelic_dashboard.rapi-redge-general.title
type = “DASHBOARD”