Can't use destination in alert conditions policy

I created an alert destination email slack and webhook.
when i go to alert conditions and select add notification channel they are not listed to choose from.
what am i missing?

Hi @guyta1,
Destinations are used together with workflows to send alerts on issues .
An issue consists of one or more incidents that were correlated for to reduce alert fatigue, you can read more about this here
Once you define a destination, you can create a new workflow (or use an existing one) to filter, enrich and send your alert data to the right destinations.


Hello @guyta1 - Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

@mmoser2 pointed you in the right direction. Let us know how it goes!

i was able to add a workflow with web hook to teams and slack.
the email keeps on giving an error in workflows “Unable to connect to external service to perform this action”.
but email does work in alert condition policy.
it is not consistent and doesn’t feel intuitive

You are correct. NRQL alert conditions use Notification Channels to send notifications. Incident Intelligence uses Destinations to send alerts. If you create an NQRL alert condition and try to use the incident Intelligence notification method you will get an error.

The UI segments are done by action rather than product. Which can make it not intuitive, I agree. I believe there is changes to the UI on the roadmap though we can’t commit to a timeline or what has been planned at this time.

So you’re saying that we cannot use Email Destinations in Workflows?

Hi, @stefano.lazzaro.ext: No, you may use email destinations with workflows: Destinations | New Relic Documentation. You may not, however, use destinations with NRQL alert conditions; with NRQL conditions you must use notification channels, not destinations.

Ok but is it a feature that will be available? I don’t get why I cannot use destinations with NRQL alert conditions.

I am not on the product team, so I don’t know what they have planned for the future, nor can I tell you why they designed things a certain way. I can only tell you how the product currently works. :slight_smile:

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