Capturing TLS details (kex, cypher alg, hash alg)

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  • There are many ways to achieve a goal in Insights, tell us a bit about your end goal. What insights are you hoping to gain?
    IS it possible to get the TLS connection details of my clients? this includes kex, hash, cypher algorithms. While we are at it the protocol version (eg: TLSv1.2)

I dont see any related insights sources but perhaps it is captured somewhere else?

Hi @aayers

Insights is a way to store and retrieve data, as well as crafting meaningful dashboards for your use cases. Insights itself does not collect data, outside of the Insights Event API, which allows you to insert custom events. It’s possible you could create a script that captures this data and use the aforementioned Event API to send it as custom events to Insights.

What sort of applications are your clients connecting to? If it’s already being monitored by a New Relic product, let us know what product that is. It’s likely that, if you want to collect TLS data about your clients, using that data-gathering tool would be your best bet.

Once we know how your clients are connecting and what product/products are being used currently, we can loop in the appropriate experts to help answer your question.