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Celebrate 8 Round



Celebrate 8 Round :basketball:

It’s week two of March Mayhem, Explorers!

This is where it starts to get really fun. Every week we get closer to deciding our champion, the more we learn how our customers prioritize our upcoming features! And the votes are going to get tighter and tighter, so be extra vigilant in voting for the features you want that inside peek on. Tell your teams, networks and colleagues to come vote as well!

Here is our Celebrate 8 bracket:

If you need a reminder on which feature will serve what purpose in the New Relic platform, click on the name of the feature for its description.

Happy Voting! and be sure to check in on the brackets that have been submitted! Anyone who guessed 100% correctly before March 12th will get special New Relic SWAG!

Heads up: We’re working on a bug in the polls. You might not see your vote reflected in the total vote count immediately, but rest assured that it was recorded. Refresh, and you’ll see your vote added to the total. Sorry for any confusion.

Kafka Integration for Infrastructure vs. RabbitMQ Integration for Infrastructure

  • Kafka Integration for Infrastructure
  • RabbitMQ Integration for Infrastructure

0 voters

FACET Support in NRQL Alert Conditions vs. More Alert Condition Types / Controls for Synthetics

  • FACET Support in NRQL Alert Conditions
  • More Alert Condition Types / Controls for Synthetics

0 voters

AWS Instance Underuse Detection vs. Akka Actor System Health

  • AWS Instance underuse Detection
  • Akka Actor System Health

0 voters

Thread Profiler for .NET Core vs. Containerized Private Minions

  • Thread Profiler for .NET Core
  • Containerized Private Minions

0 voters

Thanks for voting! :basketball: Come back next Monday to see how our Last 4 round shakes out!


Thanks for sending me the notification mail for this post three times.

FWIW, my own vote goes towards “old Servers overview without Infastructure section and without higher prices”, but I guess that wasn’t available…


Hey @haslo - Yeesh. Sorry you got the message three times - I know that’s not a good experience. :frowning: It looks like you have a few different accounts, and I’m guessing that’s what happened there. The bad news - multiple messages for you. The good news? Now we know it’s a problem and will make sure it doesn’t happen again. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know so we can fix it.


Detecting outliers (aka anomaly) from a group of time series is a no-debate-killer feature. Many here might not even know anomaly detection & time series outlier detection is life saver (as they have never used one). A similar tool in market costs like $2000/month for 25k data points. We have built an anomaly detection system in-house and are using it for detecting anomaly (drop in registration etc) in our various product metrics.

Please do add this feature in newrelic.



We plan to, @sachins! Every single feature you see in the Sweet(Lew) 16 Round has been prioritized by our product teams and are expected to be implemented!

Thanks for reaching out to us about how important detecting outliers. is to you and how you are currently solving for this.

If you want the “inside scoop” on the progress of any particular feature, vote for it!!! and get your teammates to vote for it!

For now, know: it’s on the roadmap. :blush: