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CentOS7 / SystemD unit file


It would be useful if the there was an official Unit file for NewRelic server monitor, such as for CentOS7. Preferably one that takes full advantage of the security features SystemD offers. The following seems to work (starting with the standard RPM install), but isn’t comprehensive:

Description=NewRelic service

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/nrsysmond -c /etc/newrelic/nrsysmond.cfg -f



Hey @jhmartin, thanks for the input! I’ll put in a feature request to our development team for an Official Unit file for Linux Server Monitor.


This would be great, as nearly every major distribution has moved to systemd (redhat, fedora, centos, debian, ubuntu, arch, coreos). Any word on when we may see it?


Hi @xref - I’ve sent your request on to our product managers. No word on “when” :frowning:


it’s been over a year. Is the release with systemd support out yet?


Hi @adrian.monje

We’re going to check in on this and we’ll follow up with you early next week. :slight_smile:


Following up on this; I’m running Amazon Linux 2 with both the application & infrastructure agents. Is there a default service file available?


Hi @wintermute,

Will you please elaborate what you mean by “default service file?”

Most APM agents (with the exception of PHP) do not install on a system level, while Infrastructure does install on a system level. Because of this, I’m not sure how we would package them together.

That said, you could easily include the Infrastructure installation commands in the startup scripting for a new server. Check out the Amazon Linux 2 command lines at this link.


Hey @Fidelicatessen, thanks for writing back! My apologies on the late response. You’re correct, I just had a bit of space-out moment there.


No worries @wintermute – happy monitoring!