Certification courses showing "not available currently "

Hii Team,
certification courses showing "not available currently "
Can some help me that
I already completed 2/3 part and alerts fundamental is showing “not available currently”

Hi Abhishek,

Are you logged in to the website when you see that message? I was able to login and continue my course.


I had the same issue with it showing “not available currently.”
I reached out to learn@newrelic.com and they were able to get it resolved.

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Hi there @abhishek.parashar, @pwadehra, and @cali.nguyen -

We have currently closed the certification course to new registrants because we need to adjust it for the New Relic One release of last week. If you had already started to course, you are allowed to finish (that’s you @pwadehra!), but no new starts are available at this time.

We don’t yet have a date when an updated certification path will be available, but will do our best to let you know when it happens.

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