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Certification errors in NRU


I have a issue, I completed the course more than 10 days ago, and I don’t receive any communication about certification

New Relic Fundamentals Certification: Get Certified, Get Socks

jey @luigi.mendoza - Do you have a screenshot of your certification success? (posting that here will earn you a pair of NR socks)

On the certificate side, that’s a tough one to predict time-wise. Issuing certs is a manual process for the New Relic University team. So it’s not done immediately when you pass. I’ll tag in @philweber from that team, who will be able to check in on your certificate.


That is the final manual step, everything else is complete


Hey @luigi.mendoza - I pulled your posts out into a new thread so as not to inhibit the competition going on in the other, while we try to get to the bottom of this for you.

I have sent a message over to the New Relic University team for you, they’ll look into this and when we have an update for you, we’ll report back here.


Hi, @luigi.mendoza: All pending certificates, including yours, have now been issued. If you have not received an email about your certificate, please check your spam folder. Thank you!