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Certification Exam Course



Does anybody know how often changes are made to the certification course pages? I feel like every time a change is made, I lose my progression and have to start over on most (if not all) segments.
Does my progress reset after certain time? I started over last week (again) and what was completed shows no progression today (see image).
The first time this happened, I had completed everything but had not passed the cert exam yet; it has happened to me quite a few times since then.
@philweber is this something you can help me with or maybe clarify?


Hi, @v.p: Sorry, I cannot help, but I will forward your question to the team that manages the site.


We’re sorry about the difficulties. It looks like you were caught in some of the changes we made to the certification program last year and now has double-booked you for APM again. We can help get you caught up.