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Certification preparation document urls not working



i am learning below url’s for apm certification, now it’s not working.

can you please help on this case


Looks like the site has had a slight re-design. You can find the courses for APM under


its really very difficult to find out my course continuity. i have finished up to database dashboard overview tour and quiz.

still i don’t find out next step of my course continuity, every time it’s redirecting to main page.


Hey @skodipilla - There are a number of certification focussed resources available here:

These should help you with the information you need to get certified. Let us know if you have problems with the courses on that page.


The links dont seem to be working on the cert resources page. Please help.


Hey @Min.Sriharsha1 - can you share a link to where you are seeing these broken links?



Hey @Min.Sriharsha1 - I just checked in with @tdoherty on the New Relic University team - he confirmed that this is known behaviour. The links on the Curriculum Section are clickable when you are both signed in, and registered for that course on the site.
Can you ensure you are signed in and have registered?


Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:


I have passed my certification pro. When can I expect my badge to show up. Also I had used different credentials for the learning portal and I am not able to signin using them into the NR discuss forums. Dont the learn and discuss portals have login integration.


Hey @Min.Sriharsha1 -

The New Relic University platform utilises its own separate system, whereas the Explorers Hub shares credentials with New Relic RPM.

Did you use different credentials for the APM Certification? I can see results with a similar address as yours, though with a gmail domain. But I cannot see results associated with the email address you use here on the Explorers Hub.


Thanks. Received my badge and certificate in the morning. :slight_smile: