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Championship Round πŸ€



Championship Round

This is it! The final round of March Mayhem 2018! The deciding vote that will determine our winning feature! :tada:

We are also one step closer to announcing any possible winners of the bracket challenge. Check it out here!

Vote now! Tell your friends to vote! Get your teams in on the action!

If you need a reminder on which feature will serve what purpose in the New Relic platform, click on the name of the feature for its description.

Happy Voting! and be sure to check in on the brackets that have been submitted1! Anyone who guessed 100% correctly before March 12th will get special New Relic SWAG!

Heads up: We’re working on a bug in the polls. You might not see your vote reflected in the total vote count immediately, but rest assured that it was recorded. Refresh, and you’ll see your vote added to the total. Sorry for any confusion.

AWS Instance Underuse Detection vs. More Alert Condition Types / Controls For Synthetics

  • AWS Instance Underuse Detection
  • More Alert Condition Types / Controls For Synthetics

0 voters

Don’t forget to check back next Monday when we announce our winner!

That wining feature will receive updates on its progress until it is implemented! :tada: