Change account type required?

I want to install a new php and or instructional agent on a AWS server I’m building but when I do it says I need to change out account over to the new pricing model. Is this actually necessary? Also how would the monthly cost change? The documents all seem to say ‘it depends’, but I need something a little more concrete to go back to management with.

Hello @jarod1 -

Thanks so much for posting - let’s get you sorted!

Yes, you are required to update your account to our new model. Our Standard plans are fairly easy to estimate costs for - you just really need to know how many users you will need an if you need additional data ingest beyond the included 100GB per month (all listed on our pricing page).

If you are looking to understand your data ingest needs, we have a doc for that.

If, in reviewing those plans, you think you might need a Pro or Enterprise plan, please let me know and I will get you in touch with our team.

Hi @hross,

Thanks for the information. Just to make sure I’m along the right line of thinking here. Right now were on a subscription model, which is roughly 220 per month. If we switch over to the new usage model, based on our account we use ~140GB a month (probably less on average) and will I think have a total of 2 full users. So our price would be siting somewhere around 120 per month?

Granted all of that can change if we start seeing more traffic, or start using more services. For the moment however, if I were to switch it over today that’s roughly what I’d expect to see correct?

Your math looks right @jarod1! I can’t guarantee anything because lots of factors affect data ingest but that looks good. Also, here’s a doc on Querying and Alerting on your Data Ingest. That will help you put some guardrails in place.

@hross Great! How can we go about switching out account over? Also, at the same time I need to switch owner over to a different account, the current owner is no longer with the company.

Excellent @jarod1 -

Since the account owner on your current account is no longer there, the easiest and best course of action is to just sign up for a new Standard account. You’re only getting 24 hours of data retention on the account you are using now, so you won’t be losing data. This is going to be your fastest option. Once you have the new account set up and confirmed, you can just change out the license key in your agents to get data reporting into the new account.

Let me know if that’s confusing.

@hross slightly confusing, just around the data retention, you only say it’s 24 hours, but is that what we are moving to, or is that for what we are currently on? For metrics at least, I can pull a summary from farther back.

Hi @jarod1 - sorry for confusing you. For much of the data in the plan you are currently on, you only have access to 24 hours of data retention. If you do have some data with longer retention rates and you NEED that data, then I can open a case with out accounts team to see if there are better options for you.