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Change Apdex settings



We get alerts called ’ violated Apdex (low)’

We know what the cause is, it is an Ajax request that our clients browsers make, and the response is rather slow. This is, however, not an issue, it is expected and do not result in a poor user experience.

We would very much like to be able to set the ‘expected response time’ (or something like that) for this transaction to a higher value. This should result in the transaction still being monitored, and an alert should appear if the transactions performance should degrade at a later time.

Would the right approach be to make it a Key Transaction and then set the Apdex T to a higher value?

We are experimenting with ignoring the process altogether (using XML), but would that be a good solution?

This is the transaction:


It is a call to an endpoint in an MVC Controller.

Lars Danielsen


Hi, @ljd: Either of these approaches is fine, it depends whether you want to monitor the performance of the slow transaction. If you ignore it, it will not be monitored; if you make it a key transaction and set its Apdex T to a higher value, it will still be monitored without adversely affecting your application’s Apdex score.