Change billing plan

I’m trying to change our subscription to pay-as-you-go subscription, with who we can talk about it? i mean, this change will incur in the change billing fee? with who can we talk?


Hey there @infra80,

I see you have some questions regarding pay-as-you-go. I have documentation here regarding our pay models: New Relic One usage plan descriptions. This will link directly to the pay-as-you-go section to provide further insight. If this does not answer your questions please let me know and I will be happy to help!

Hi Michael,
We have (what i believe is) an annual subscription.
i was trying to change it, since we aren’t using it at all, to pay-as-you-go subscription, but if i click to “cancel subsciption” to change it, it show a cancelation fee, and if i try the pay-as-you-go it reedirects to a page with a form, that send me and email that send me here.
So, if we change to pay-as-you-go subcription we have to pay the cancelation fee? if not, what’s the steps to follow to do this change?


Hi @infra80

Thank you for coming back to us with this more in-depth reply.

To my understanding changing from an annual subscription to a pay as you go subscription may have fees involved.

For more guidance on this I will create a case with the Accounts team to help look deeper into the subscription type you have and how to change it. Note they accounts team will reach out via email.

Should you have any additional questions please do reach out!