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Change in Non-Web transaction reporting with version 5.x


Hi all!

We recently fixed a bug where database calls and external calls in a background/async thread would result in a Non-Web transaction named * showing up in the Other bucket. This fix can really alter how reporting for Non-Web transactions looks, especially when not using Custom Transactions.

The side effect of grouping database and external calls in * was that, even without Custom Transactions, the App’s Overview would still display response time and throughput metrics.

For example, these screenshots are from the overview of a console app that does some database commands, with no Custom Transactions, on Agent version 4.x:

As you can see, we have a Non-Web transaction named *, which is reporting response time and throughput metrics. If we look at the * transaction, it contains the Database and External service calls:

We can also see the Database and External service calls where they should be in their respective sections:

With the release of version 5.0, Database and External services no longer result in the * transaction. This can be alarming because, if we aren’t using Custom Transactions, we are now most likely showing 0 rpm for our app in the overview.

For example, here is a screenshot of the console app’s overview on version 5.x (still no Custom Transactions):

As you can see, it is showing 0 rpm and there are no graphs. Also note in the overview, I can’t select Non-Web. Technically, since the app doesn’t have any Custom Transactions, this app has never seen a non-web transaction, which is why we can’t select it.

Don’t worry! With Custom Transactions, we can add meaningful transactions to the overview, and we can still view Database and External service calls under their respective sections:

This change can be somewhat surprising if you aren’t expecting it. I hope this post helps avoid a moment of panic if, after an upgrade, your throughput for Non-Web drops (or goes to 0 if not using any Custom Transactions).

(Side note, I used this console app, with some database commands added.)