Change my account's license key

Hello guys! Could you help me changing my account license key?

Hey @mathop!

We can definitely help with that. Before I get a support ticket started, I am curious, has your license key been compromised? If so, I just want to highlight a few things about a license key compromise:

  • No one with your license key can see or make changes to your account settings, personal information, or payment methods
  • No one with your license key can see or make changes to your data
  • Nevertheless, anyone with your license key may report data to your account thereby compromising the integrity of your data
  • If we reset your license key you will need to update the license key in each and every app you want reporting to your account
  • If we reset your license key your historical data will remain accessible
  • The only alternative to this, other than doing nothing, is to open a new account. This will not port over your historical data
  • Only the current account owner can authorize this change, so I would need to reach out for verification

That being covered, let me know if you want us to move forward and I can start a support ticket, easy peasy :slight_smile:


Hey there! Our license key was accidentally pushed to a public GitHub repository.

I would like to move forward with the change :slight_smile:

If it helps you, I’m the account owner.

Thanks in advance!

Yup, I’d say that warrants a license key change :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@mathop, check your email inbox for a link to that support ticket :envelope_with_arrow:

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Hi, still there aren’t a “Change Licence Key” button I guess. Should I create a Ticket for that?

Hey there @erkanzileli - That’s right, this is still something that takes assistance from our support team. I took a look and I don’t see that you’ve been helped in any other forum. If you are still looking to change your license key, let me know and I’ll get the team started.

Hello. I still need help about this. I will so happy if you help me.

Hi @erkan.zileli, I have gone ahead and reached out to our support team to help you with this. They will be following up with you by email to assist with the license key change.

Hello all,

My issue has been solved with support team. I am grateful for that.

Thanks New Relic

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@erkanzileli I’m glad to hear it! Let us know if you need any other help.

I also need to reset my license key. Is it possible I can get a hand with that?

@zkitzmiller No problem! I have reached out to our Support team and they will follow up with you shortly to assist you with this.

Hello, I also accidentally published my license key to github and would much appreciate some support in getting a new one!

Hi @nkellehe8, I’ve gone ahead and done the same for you! Our account team will reach out shortly by email.

Hello. I also accidentally pushed my license key to github. Can you please assist me with a new key whenever you can?

@calvinminhla Thanks for reaching out! I am going to reach out to our Accounts Team to look into this for you. Keep a lookout for an email from them in your inbox!