Change nr account owner

need to switch account owner

HI @jim.chou

Hope you are having a nice Friday. Its great to see your first post in the community, Whoop!

I note you mention you wish to change the Owner on the account. I believe we can change the ownership with some self service steps. Please follow the options below:

  1. If you still have access to the New Relic login information associated with the current owner email, you can log in using those credentials or the user can log in and make the ownership change. Details can be found in the New Relic Ownership Change article.
  2. If you have access to the current owner e-mail but not the New Relic password associated with that email, you can request a password reset.

If the above options are not available to you please reach out as I can create a case with the accounts team on your behalf for support. However I would note that the if ownership change needs to be supported by the accounts team it can take up to 72 hours and requires an external verification for security purposes.

Please let me know which option is best suitable for you!