Change Owner on this Account

Hi there, I would like to have my account owner changed as well. Could you help me out please?

@sebastiaan3 A ticket has been opened for you as well. :slight_smile:

i need the account owner changed

@admin_heroku Is the current account owner still available to switch ownership to another Full Admin? If not then we can put in a request for our support account team to assist you with this. Thanks!

I need to change the Owner of our account. Can someone help out?

@mats.sjodin I have asked our support account team to assist you with this request. They may ask, I have done above, if the current owner is available to do this action or not. Expect an email from them soon.

Hi, I want to change my account’s owner, Please can you help me?

@murat.oguz Saw your response on another topic regarding this request also. I will take care of it on that duplicate thread.

Hi there, we need to rationalize account ownership, as we only have one human user, but new relic records several owner or admin email addresses across several subaccounts which we’re unable to edit in the available user interface. Can you provide a support channel to resolve, or contact me directly? We’re also willing to destroy some of these subaccounts now, but I see no way to do that either? Thanks.