Change to shareable charts in APM (“Embedded Charts”)

On July 29, 2020, New Relic will change the Embedded Charts feature in the APM product to use the New Relic One platform. We are retiring the technology that was used to generate permanent, publicly shareable links to Embedded Charts in APM, replacing it with another service that does the same job.

As a result, charts rendered by the embeddable links will have differences in appearance, but substantially will be the same. The URLs generated to embed a chart will look different than before. The name of the chart context menu item that generates them will change from “Embed” to “Get chart link”. For charts that are no longer supported, “Embed” will be replaced with “Get chart link is not supported for this chart”.

We are also retiring the page in the APM web UI that lists all embedded chart links and allows them to be deleted.

What are Embedded Charts used for?

The links created by “Embed” and “Get chart link” allow you to insert a New Relic chart into any webpage, as described in our documentation. These links capture the time range, choice of metrics, and rendering options of the chart, as you viewed it.

Authentication to New Relic is not required to view the chart data in these links, so they may be shared publicly.

Why change how links to charts are created?

The New Relic One platform includes a chart rendering facility that is capable of rendering more chart visuals and behaviors than the one we are retiring. To focus our efforts on a single solution for the problem of displaying shareable charts, we are retiring the less-capable solution.

What will happen to chart links I’ve already created with “Embed”?

Beginning on July 29, 2020, embedded charts created with “Embed” will change in a few ways:

  1. Existing charts will show the same data, but will render using the New Relic One chart library. Thus, your embedded charts will start to have a different appearance.
  2. Responses to existing URLs will use an HTTP 308 response code (Permanent Redirect)
  3. Links created with “Embed” for charts that are no longer supported or that have not been visited in at least three months will cease to function, returning an HTTP 404 error code.

We will roll out this change to existing charts’ behavior gradually to our customers over a period of several weeks.

How can I replace my current chart links with the new URLs?

You can create new URLs for any chart using the “Get chart link” menu item, described below, and insert them in web pages where they’re used, replacing existing links created with “Embed”.

After July 29, responses to current embedded chart URLs will include the new URL in the Location header, you can replace your current links with the Location returned from requests to them.

How will I create shareable chart links in APM?

The name of the link you’ll use to do so will change. The “Get chart link” link, now appearing in APM charts’ context menus for the first time, will be how you’ll create chart links. After July 29, 2020, the “Embed” option will disappear:

Charts in New Relic One already have a “Get chart link” option:

How will I find the link to a chart I created a link for before?

The chart links generated using “Get chart link” are permanent. Just revisit the chart, open the menu, and click “Get chart link” to retrieve the link again.

The web UI listing all embedded chart links created in your account, accessible via the Embedded Charts item in the Tools menu (below), will be removed on July 29.

Where can I find more information on shareable charts?


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How will we find all embedded / externally available charts when the Tools -> Embedded Charts menu goes away?

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Once that page is removed, there won’t be a way to find/manage all existing embedded charts. We will be exploring different solutions for that use case, but I have no details available to share at the moment.

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Any update on this? It sounds like once a chart is shared thisis forever and cannot be revoked? or are they tied to a user account in some way? If you delete that account then the share is removed?

Hey @auroracommerce

Charts being deleted will revoke the link for that chart.

Chart links are also account wide. There is one link regardless of who clicks the get chart link button. This makes link management easier (simply delete the chart to revoke the link).

Historically a new link would be generated every time. I don’t have information on a new central place to delete those shared links. But, a workaround for now is to copy the NRQL from your dashboard charts and delete the widget, recreating it with the same NRQL.

:exclamation: Update :exclamation:

Legacy shareable chart links generated before July 29 will continue to work as normal, using the old chart library. We will not be redirecting them to use the new New Relic One chart library. This also applies to links that haven’t been visited in at least three months.

If you want to see these charts with the new visualization, you will need to generate new links using the “Get chart link” solution described above.

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