Changing from Browser Pro & Synthetics Pro to NewRelic One


I just got the great responsibility of looking after our tooling - one of them being NewRelic. Which is - simply put - awfully confusing and very hard to get a hold of. Currently we have following plans from New Relic:

Browser Pro Annual
Synthetics Pro Annual

Monthly bill is over 200 dollars and I have few questions:

  1. What do I actually pay for? I cannot tell that how many synthetic checks I can make, as one counter is saying that we can have 10 000 monthly checks, but Synthetics-page is saying “100,000,000 Available total monthly checks”. So, which one is it?
  2. What are the main differences between the combined features of the above-mentioned Plans and Full-stack Observability (as shown here:
  3. How to move to the Full-stack observality? Is there an migration option?

We only do approx. 2 000 test monthly and we have very limited usage of our plans anyways and to it seems that right now we are paying for pretty much nothing.


@ari.salmi Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I can understand how it could be confusing and hard to get up to speed on your account. We’re not able to respond directly to your questions on this forum but you can use this form to be put in contact with our sales and account management teams: Upgrade or manage your New Relic account

If you other support related question please let us know. Thanks!

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