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Changing servers account not working



I had 2 account to NewRelic, each one with 1 server.
Now i try to combine those, so i go into the cfg file and change server 2 to have the account 1 license key.

Something strange happened, the server was added to APM, but data is still being sent to account #2 and not to the “new” account.

When i try to restart the deamon i get
/etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond restart

Starting New Relic Server Monitor: newrelic-sysmond FAILED

I am on Ubuntu and Php 7.

What am i missing ?



Hi @maor1 - Can you confirm you are trying this with the server agent? I ask as the server agent is now deprecated and will not report server metrics to New Relic collectors.


APM install on server


Hey @maor1,

It looks like the use of newrelic.cfg might be the issue here. The only time we suggest using that .cfg file is if you are looking to use an Advanced Daemon Startup method.

If you rename newrelic.cfg to newrelic.cfg-template, then add your license key and app name to either your newrelic.ini or php.ini file, and restart your web server; you should start seeing data report to the UI.

Hopefully this helps!


Hi, @maor1: newrelic-sysmond is the agent for New Relic Servers, which, as @stefan_garnham pointed out, has been end-of-lifed and no longer works. You do not have to (and should not!) run newrelic-sysmond in order to monitor your application with New Relic APM.