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Chart a particular (internal) API call across all transactions on a dashboard


Similar question I posted before reading this – is it possible to chart a particular (internal) API call across all transactions on a dashboard (vs a particular transaction and all the underlying API calls stacked)

Finding slow function calls across all transactions

Hi Edward,

We might need a bit more context to address that most directly. When you say “internal API call”, what do you mean? Does our agent currently see this as a transaction of its own (vs as a function call within a stack trace or breakdown of top time consumers within another transaction)? Is it an external API call (eg, shows up in the list of Externals)? If you could post a permalink to a dashboard that does exist and call out a particular function name, it might be useful.

My guess without the more context is that you are talking about a function call (eg BasicDataSource.getConnection() from your original post) and that is impossible to do without some additional instrumentation in your code (Externals, and other self-contained transactions on the other hand are easy and we do already have that info and can help you graph it).

On the up side, what I describe is totally possible if you have the ability to modify the source code. One way to do it is to make a wrapper function in your code that just calls the desired function, in which you could do something like:

long start = System.nanoTime();
long end = System.nanoTime();
long microseconds = (end - start) / 1000; 
NewRelic.recordMetric("Custom/functiontiming/getConnection", microseconds);

…and then you could create a custom dashboard showing just that metric. You can tweak this to give you more info - eg, using different metric names that you can match with a single wildcard (which works best in our custom dashboards) to be able to show different categories in a graph:

NewRelic.recordMetric("Custom/functiontiming/BasicDataSource/getConnection", microseconds);
NewRelic.recordMetric("Custom/functiontiming/AdvancedDataSource/getConnection", microseconds);

…and graph the metric “Custom/functiontiming/*/getConnection” to get a stacked area chart of the different getConnection() calls. Or if you were getting really fancy, you could put a simplified version of the caller’s name into there, so you could get a graph split up by caller.

I realize you were hoping for “we can slice and dice existing data” but I think this is the best we can do. Let me know if I guessed wrong about your goals and I’d be happy to try again.