Chart to show 100%?


I’ve searched, but couldn’t find any info on this.

We’ve developed a plugin that collects system information and it works well so far.
One of the metrics is CPU load %. We would like to show the chart with Y-axis to be a 100%, so if CPU load % is two percent, then it wouldn’t fill in the chart all the way up.

any suggestions are welcome.


Our charts all scale to the available data within your time window - there is no way to “pin” a chart at any scale. A chart with a flat line along the bottom is in general not particularly readable and we try to present info in an obvious fashion as possible. This does mean that the axis will change if you are in a time window with a new, higher Max value than you saw before. But it also means you can see the difference between 1 and 2% on a “normal” day.

This does not make your desire any less true or valuable, though, and so I’ve reported this to our product managers as a feature request.

Some plugin authors do choose to ‘invert’ percentages for some things (although this does not make as much sense for a metric like cpu load, where “more usage” = “more interesting”. “% buffers free” type data is sometimes more usefully reported as 100 - x (and can then be alerted on when it falls ‘below’ some %age free).

I would like this ability too, particularly for metrics we have from our plugins. One particular use case we have is for dashboard pages we create with many embedded charts from multiple servers (all plotting the same metric, but from each server). Since each chart uses a different scale, it is impossible to see differences in rates (or CPU utilization, using the above example) across all servers at a glance. One has to look at the Y values in each chart to see if one server is significantly different from others.

Thanks for letting us know & especially for elaborating your use case - Product Management loves that and this will always make for a better sell when we pitch your idea to them :smile: . I’ve added you to the feature request.

I have another use case for pinning the Y axis of charts. We’d like to use New Relic on an in-office ops dashboard, displayed on monitors mounted on the wall that we view from a distance. The problem with New Relic’s sliding scale for charts is that a consistent 40ms response time looks the same, from a distance, as a 400ms response time. You need to read the numbers on the Y axis scale for the chart to be meaningful. The only chart in New Relic APM that is on an absolute scale is Apdex, and that seems to only be available as a small chart on the upper right side of the application overview.


Hey @alexj - thank you for sharing your use case on this; that is very helpful for our product managers! I have forward this on to said product managers. :smile:

+1 on that feature. Would love to be able to fix Y-axis’ scale. Fx. the CPU % usage as above. Dont care if it 7% or 9%. But care if it is 90%. So would be much faster to read the charts if it was fixed to go from 0-100%.


Thanks for sharing what you need here, @hmr - I have sent this on to our product managers.

Is there any news about this? We can_almost_ use NR on our screen but relative Y axis makes it hard to extract meaning from the charts at a glance.

+1 for me on this one.
especially when comparing 2 different charts next to each other it is nice if they have a fixed y-axis.

also when using in a dashboard from a slightly bigger distance you cannot see the y-axis scale and therefore cannot rely on the peaks not being really peaks.

Hi @bart2 -

thanks for joining us again the community. I suspect that you are concerned about this for the Insights product. Is that right? If so, we have an existing Feature Idea for that and I can move your comments to help amplify the customer case for the update.

yes, for insights this is, the source being queried is infrastructure

Hi, @bart2: As a workaround while you wait for this feature, you can do this:

SELECT average(memoryUsedBytes / memoryTotalBytes * 100) AS 'Percent Used', 
   100 AS 'Max' 
FROM SystemSample 

Selecting 100 AS 'Max' forces the Y axis to display 100 percent. It’s not ideal, but on my system the second value displays in yellow, so it’s relatively unobtrusive.

yeah that my work, but indeed not a pretty one.

Agreed, while this works, it’s not pretty. Given this seems to be the only option though, Is there any way to specify a colour for that line in the NRQL? Like “transparent”? I look at a disk usage chart and see a line at 100% the whole way across and that’s a sudden brown line, not a yellow one… :scream: