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Charting quickly changing values



We have a product that has a connection pool which we use in order to re-use connections as creating a new connection is costly. We would like to monitor the number of connections currently borrowed from the pool, but that number changes in the range of 100milliseconds to 20 seconds. We attempted to use the IncrementCounter API call, but it appears that data gets sent once per minute and we need a finer granularity than that.

Is there a way to add values as a list for example, so that we can chart how these values change in between when the agent sends the values?


If you look in APM and in APM metric using the data explorer do you get pool metrics for your app? I’m not sure pool metrics in insights events is ideal since you may not need a lot of attributes. In other words have you looked at what you already get or perhaps looked at other options like plugins and such that can expose the pool metrics? jmx etc…


Yeah, we’re currently using an aspect and logging out to a csv, but then I have to analyze and make charts from previous data (which in itself is time consuming) and it would be nice to be able to chart that live. Though I understand if there are limitations which cause this not to be possible, just figured it never hurts to ask


Hi @clamport, though this is not possible at the moment, it would be great to add this as a Feature Idea here in the Hub. That way other users can vote on it and add their use-cases as the more support these ideas get the better :slight_smile: