Check if page completely rendered & loaded


How do I verify at each individual steps whether the page has completely loaded and rendered, before moving to next step & not just move on to next step without the page actually fully loading, in scripted browser.

Some records do not get loaded within the page but the page is changed before that as in below monitor.



Hi, @mohd.salman: If you write your code like the following, it should wait until the page is fully loaded before proceeding to the next step:

  .then(function() {
    // This code should execute after the page is fully loaded

You may also use $webDriver.wait / until to pause execution until a specific element becomes present or visible.

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Hi @philweber

I am using in similar way in each step, however the timing variation between opening similar type of elements is large, I have used custom attributes to capture individual load time for each tab on the page after selecting a dropdown value. (

For ex: People Tab load time in my monitor has large difference & it appears to me the page redirects as soon as after selecting the dropdown & doesn’t wait for the people tab to load complete page.