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Choosing the specific metrics in Data Explorer Chart


I created a chart based on a “query” defined in the Data Explorer area on Insight. I’m using the regex method to find the metrics that interest me.
The problem is that the metrics selected are many, and the graph is assembled with the top 10 metrics resulting from this “query,” and the metrics that interest me sometimes do not fall into this top 10 list, so they disappear from that chart.
It would be very good if we could choose which metrics we would like to select from our chart in the Data Explorer.

Thanks in advance,


Hey @enterprisedelivery - do you have a specific metric name you are looking for? You note that your chart is based on a query, can you share that query?

I’d like to see if there is a way to find that metric in Insights before filing a feature request for you :smiley:



Depending on the query, it could also be as simple as just increase the limit on your query to see additional metrics. The default value is 10 (or 100 in the case of * queries), but you can specific a LIMIT value of up to 1000:


Hi guys,

Well, I’m not using the NRQL query windows, but the Data Explorer. I’m using an wildcard ‘%’ to find the metrics that interest me. If I could defined the LIMIT resource, would be very good, but by Data Explorer I can’t to do it.
I know what metrics I would like to see. I just wish I could select them.

Kind regards,



Fair enough. Can you give us an example of what you’re trying to do, such as the query this chart is based on? That might help us visualize the situation and determine if there any workarounds we could recommend in the meantime.


Hi Hwilkalis,

Of course. I’m trying send a file with the details, but my user (a new user) is not allowed to do this.
How can I send this file to you?

Thanks in advance,



Try messaging me (you should be able to click on my username and get the option to do so) and try uploading it there.


I tried it by email.
Please confirm that it has been sent.


Hi there @enterprisedelivery - I think that @hwilkalis reached out to you via Direct Message. Were you able to make any progress?