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Chrome warning for cookie SameSite attribute



Recently Chrome has begun reporting that the NR cookie does not have the required attributes to meet security requirements of a future Chrome release.

I expect that a new version of the snippet will need to be released to address this. How quickly does NR usually address issues like this? When can we expect an update?

Alternatively, is there any way to fix this ourselves in the interim? Expecting not…

The full warning (urls removed):

A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at [new relic data dot net] was set without the SameSite attribute. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with SameSite=None and Secure. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at [ chrome feature 5088147346030592] and [chrome feature 5633521622188032]. cookie warning?

Hey @tanya.gray - Thanks for this heads up this upcoming chrome release clashing with our cookies - I’m sure the browser team are on it - but I’ll pass this message over to them.


Any update, I’m seeing this as well.


I don’t have an update right now - but our browser team are aware of this and are investigating paths forward.


I am interested in seeing a fix as well


Hey @matt.harrington1 - I hear you! Adding your +1 here.


Any ETA on a fix? I really want this too.


No current ETA - the Browser agent team are aware of this and working towards a fix. One thing to note right now is that according to the Chrome release schedule, v80 which is when the relevant changes will take place, will reach stable build in February 2020.

So while we work on this, for now you should not see any anomalous behaviour, beyond the Chrome warning message.


Just wanted to comment on one thing after receiving some additional information from a support ticket. Regarding the comment above:

I expect that a new version of the snippet will need to be released to address this.

This may not be the case, this was the last update I received:

They’ve re-evaluated what will be needed and it turns out that the change when it’s made will be made server side and no updates to your Browser script will be required.


@carl.nunes is correct, I was just given the updated information by our engineers yesterday.


Thanks! It is good to know that there will be no actions required in the month or so before thing break.


Yep, should be pretty seamless, from what I’m hearing from engineering.


Any update on this? The release of Chrome 80 is now less than 2 months out and if this requires a module update and/or code change, then it would be nice to have time to test that before things start breaking.


Hi there @dave13 - Good to see you in the Exoplorers Hub again. No updates. We still do not anticipate that any changes will need to be made on the customers’ end. The team is still working on the next release, so we’ll update this thread if that news changes.


Any updates on this?

Also is there any way to subscribe to this thread to get email updates? I didn’t see that as an option.


I don’t have any update right now, this is still with the engineering team.

You can subscribe to this thread by making sure you are Watching the thread with the selector here:


We do intend to have a fix for this implemented before the Chrome update is released publicly, and at this time we are not expecting this to require customers to update their agent.


10 days away - got an ETA on this fix?


I’m told that we expect the update to go to production this week.


The change to address this Chrome update was deployed to production today.

To repeat the point made earlier in this thread, the change was made server side and customers do not need to update their agent script.