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Clamped and unclamped view



How to filter clamped and unclamped data/views from insights database mentioned in below document.

Query to get top 10 slow URL

Hi @vasundhara.nalkund!

Thanks for your question! I think the answer you are looking for is in Insights and NRQL queries. In Insights, you have access to all the PageView event data we have available, including page load times that go beyond what would be “clamped”. For example, you can look at a query such as this:

SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView WHERE duration > 10

to view an average of all durations that might be considered outliers, while excluding data that might be considered typical for your site. The opposite is also possible - to exclude outliers, just set the clause to exclude data that has duration greater than the threshold you believe to be an outlier.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply!